ABx (ARCHITECTURE BOSTON EXPO) ; November 15-17, 2016

Form Follows Freud: Psychology Research and Architectural Practice

Panel presentation with Tyrone Yang (organizer), William Hammer (moderator), Gerhard van der Linde, Adrian Mendoza and Jason Goodwin




AR00_AB_Winter15_CoverCHITECTURE BOSTON ; spring 2016: Framework (volume 19 n1) 

On “Well” (Letters to the Magazine on the Well Issue, Winter 2015)

written by Tyrone Yang




ARCHITECTURE BOSTON ; fall 2011: Science (volume 14 n3)

Two Views on Two Cultures

written by Tyrone Yang




PERCEPTION ; 1999 Volume 28(4) pages 445-467

Seeing big things: Overestimation of heights is greater for real objects than for objects in pictures

written by Tyrone Yang, Melissa W Dixon, and Dennis R Proffitt




PERCEPTION & PSYCHOPHYSICS ; April 1999, Volume 61, issue 3, pages 456-467

Weakening the robustness of perspective: Evidence for a modified theory of compensation in picture perception

written by Tyrone Yang and Michael Kubovy




PERCEPTION & PSYCHOPHYSICS ; June 1998, Volume 60, issue 4, pages 673-682

Relative size perception at a distance is best at eye level

written by Tyrone Yang, Marco Bertamini, and Dennis R Proffitt





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